Resi Multisite Platform - the new standard in live event video delivery

Have you ever wondered how to extend live video to other sites at a viewable size larger than a desktop computer or a mobile device? The Resi Mul...
Decimator MD-HX HDMI/SDI Cross Converter

"Do you mean to tell me that no one makes...?"

It's the company joke that a couple of our clients have very unique feature requests, and that they ask this exact question from time to time.  "Do...

A projection screen to enhance the architecture, not hide It.

Da-Lite Wireline Advantage Screens Wireline™ Advantage® Eliminates Black Drop and the Compromise. When we're asked to install a traditional projec...

How to stop your tech volunteers from quitting!

Every...single...week! The grind of weekly set-up and tear-down will consume your volunteers, unless you give them the tools they need.  It's that ...
SurgeX UPS-1000LI-2 - UPS Battery Backup, Line interactive, 1000VA

SurgeX SU-1000Li - finally, a back-up system for pro AV!

Protect your AV equipment with the new 1000VA UPS surge eliminator.You're in the middle of your weekend service and the lights go out.  Not only do...
SurgeX Power Protection

SurgeX – kind of like an extended warranty, only better.

I’m not one to buy extended warranties since they seem like a bet against the equipment that I choose.  I’ve always felt that if I buy good equipme...