Truth Seeker Productions was founded in 1985 and has been under its current ownership since 1992. In those years, we’ve seen a lot of change; we’ve seen products become both much more affordable and much more capable. Overall, these changes have been very good for our clients. Helping you figure out what’s right for your specific situation is where we come in.

Many companies publish catalogs and websites that aren’t much more than a list of products with prices. Since we offer both expert sales advice and professional product installation, we are different from the other guys. We’re integrators and the people with whom you’ll interact aren’t just clerks. At, you will also find product reviews, great advice, real world application tips, and other information.

Our clients are everywhere – in all 50 states and even a few around the world. The knowledge and experience of our staff makes us a trustworthy source for the best in professional audio, lighting, projection, and music equipment.

We understand the challenges you face and we know the right way to do things. We hope that you’ll enjoy discovering new products right here at


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