SurgeX UPS-1000LI-2 - UPS Battery Backup, Line interactive, 1000VA

Protect your AV equipment with the new 1000VA UPS surge eliminator.

You're in the middle of your weekend service and the lights go out.  Not only do you flinch, but the audio and video systems go off then on, and then off again with a flicker, a bang, and a flicker and bang again.  We've all been there, but what can you do?

The first things that we were all taught about audio systems is to make sure that your low-level electronics (mixer, equalizers, processors, recorders - everything except the amplifiers) are to be turned on first (before the power amplifiers) and off last.  In a blackout, everything goes off at once and comes back on together and you'll often experience a loud bang, sometimes followed by puffs of blue smoke from your speakers.  And no one has ever figured out how to put the smoke back inside once it escapes.

Okay, you got me.  That's a little bit dramatic, but spikes from turning some low-level devices on and off are strong and very audible if amplified.  Those spikes can damage your speakers as a result of blackouts or other power failure.  Those power failures can also cause you to lose unsaved settings on computers and other devices in use during your services.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) have been commonplace in the computing world for years.  The advantages are obvious.  No lost work, longer lasting equipment - no more surges, spikes, blackouts and brownouts, more stable voltage and more.

Why now?  People have been asking for it.  If it makes sense for the computer world, it makes sense for the AV world, too. I'm not sure why this has taken so long.

I can hear your brain humming.  Can I put my entire sound system on one?  In a word, no.  The goal of using a UPS in the worship setting isn't to keep the systems operational, but to give you time to get your wits about you and to shut things down in an orderly fashion.  I can envision one of our clients, in particular, running toward his amp racks now.

The SU-1000Li will give you about four minutes to either shut things down in an orderly manner, or to wait for the power to come back on.  Since your low-level electronics will remain on, what the SU-1000Li will allow you to do is to make sure that your amplifiers are switched off and/or that you're ready in case the power comes back on in a hurry.

When the power goes out, as long as all of your low-level electronics are plugged into the SurgeX SU-1000Li, your system will go silent after the load on the amplifiers bleeds off what's left.  Without the SU-1000Li in a power failure, there's a good chance that one of your processors will send a big spike down the line to the amplifiers and that spike will bleed off what's left in the amplifier with a big bang, and maybe a little bit of blue smoke.  If you happen to avoid the blue smoke (which you probably will), and the power happens to come right back on, you'll probably get another big bang.

Those bangs, over time, damage your system and especially your speakers.

The SurgeX SU-1000Li offers advanced Series Mode surge elimination, Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI Filtering, Over/Under Voltage protection, 1000VA battery backup, voltage regulation, power management and diagnostic software, and a 10-year warranty.  It's not only a battery backup, but it's part of the SurgeX family - with some of the most advanced power protection circuitry available today.

The SurgeX SU-1000Li is $1299.00 and it's available today.  Please find the SU-1000Li in our webstore for specifications and more information.


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