Earthworks PM40 Piano Mic System
Effortless Grand Piano Sound - well, almost

Sometimes, it’s hard to get great sound.  Sometimes, it’s not.  Actually, getting fabulous sound can be pretty easy and almost effortless, but that ease comes at a price, and many folks think that they can’t afford it. 

Most days, I can be found scouring the world of audio and video equipment for products that I think will fit the unique needs and budgets of the typical church.  Today, it hit me.  What does a “typical” church look like? 

The challenge that I present to myself every day is to find products for you that are the right fit for your needs.  Sometimes, the right fit might be the most expensive products we sell – products that you think that you can’t afford until you start counting the costs and benefits of performance, reliability, ease of use, and long-term effectiveness. 

Contrary to what I believed at one time time, the “lowest cost” doesn’t stop when you buy something.  Anyone can sell for less.  That’s easy.  Providing the lowest cost of long-term ownership takes effort, planning, and making sure that you get the right product.  That way, you have tools on which you can depend – week in and week out, so that you can focus on your purpose. 

I’d like to introduce you to a product – one that you might never have seen before, and a product that might not be for you.  But then again, when you count ease of use, exceptional quality, long-term service, and other factors, you might just find that it's the perfect fit. 

It used to drive me crazy that my dad would go to the same stores and pay “too much” for a pair of khaki pants when he could shop and shop and shop like I did and get a better deal.  His response to my questioning went something like this, “Dave, I know that these pants are more expensive, but I know that I can drive to the store, pick them off the shelf – in any color – and that they’ll fit, wear well, and I’ll like them.  It’s just not worth the time and hassle to try to save $50.” 

Granted, we’re not talking about $50 savings, but the principles still apply.  In order to get a great piano sound every week, what would the right solution be worth?
None of us have as much time as we’d like.  We’re overconnected, overcommitted, and I promise that I can make your technical life easier and one less distraction to whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish today. 

Take a look at the Earthworks PM40 Piano Mic System
Finding that elusive sound makes a purist nutty.  We want the piano (or any other instrument) to sound like itself, not like an amplified piano or instrument, but like you are sitting in the room with it alone.
When you are working on the piano, do you have trouble getting the full range of the piano?  Do you fight uneven sound?  Does the piano microphone feed back when you’re trying to use piano and organ together?  Does the piano microphone pick up too much of everything else?  Do you dare put the piano in the choir monitors? 

If any of your answers were yes, yes, yes, yes, and no, the Earthworks PianoMic System can help.  The system uses a pair of high-definition microphones that Earthworks claims will “outperform any microphones at any price.”  That’s quite a claim.  Having heard the system and being able to actually feel the low strings in the back of the room, I tend to believe Earthworks on this one.  I’ve never heard anything quite like it.   

The microphones can’t be seen outside the piano. There’s no need for stands or microphone booms.  The system offers superb sound with the lid up or down.  The set-up is simple and quick.  You’ll get incredible gain before feedback, perfect attack and instrumental tone, along with control that you never dreamed possible. 

Quite simply, this system is the standard by which all others are judged.  If the grand piano is a large part of your sound and you would like to take its sound to the next level, the PianoMic system from Earthworks could be the perfect solution. 

I warned you, this might not be for everyone.  The Earthworks PM40 PianoMic System is $2999.  Those who own will tell you that it's worth every penny.
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