Over the past 5 years or so, the earset-style microphone has revolutionized the worship market. The small size and flesh color makes them inconspicuous. The proximity of the microphone to the mouth makes them feedback resistant. They are an obvious choice for many churches.


DPA has taken the idea a step further by adding world-class sound in a two-ear model. When it comes to appearance, all of the earset microphones look great – you can barely see them. That’s the whole point. When it comes to feedback rejection, differences begin to appear, but put any microphone an inch from your mouth and feedback shouldn’t be much of an issue. When it comes to staying on your head, a one-ear style unit simply can’t compete with two-ear unit. And when it comes to sound quality, DPA is head and shoulders above the rest.

DPA is a Denmark-based manufacturer who, for 15 years, has been quietly making microphones that are among the best in the world. In 1982, I was an exchange student in Denmark. The Danish take great pride in their electronics. You may have heard of Bang and Olufsen – the makers of audio and video electronics for the home. Their designs, even in the early 1980s, made what I knew from the United States and Japan look archaic. My host family took great great pains to point out various Danish technological advances as superior to everything else in the world. Take a peek at the B&O website to see what I mean.

Back to DPA. DPA makes highly advanced condenser microphones and it does it extraordinarily well. DPA makes a couple different models of earset microphones (DPA calls them headband microphones), and they are compatible with a variety of wireless microphone systems. The models that we sell most frequently are the DPA 4088F cardioid and the DPA4066F omnidirectional headband microphones.

If you’re interested in the ultimate earset sound, give us a call. You won’t find a better microphone, and at twice the price of the competition, you shouldn’t be able to. When you see an inconspicuous, secure two-ear headband microphone on television or at a high-end performance, and you can’t quite figure out who makes it, you can be virtually certain that it’s a DPA.

Follow these liinks for more information on these extraordinary microphones.  Price include adapters for specific wireless microphones.

DPA4066 Omnidirectional Headband Microphone from $715.00

DPA4088 Cardioid Headband Microphone from $754.00


Available in multiple colors to match flesh tones.


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