Heil Sound PR 35 Large Diaphragm Vocal Microphone
Heil Sound PR 35 Large Diaphragm Vocal Microphone

Made in the USA, the PR 35 (made with the same capsule as the PR 30 that we liked so well for choir, drum overheads, and guitar amplifier) was introduced to the world during the 2008 Super Bowl. Fox Sports received 5 of the first 6 available for use with the broadcasters. We received microphones #7-12. I know that the Super Bowl use by the TV announcers doesn’t sound super impressive if you’re a music guy, but let’s step back.

Why did Fox Sports pick the PR 35? First, let me tell you that the PR 35 has an extra dimension of depth not found in other microphones. I’m not talking about bass. I’m talking about that “something special” that’s hard to describe. It’s what makes a voice jump out of the mix without tearing your head off. It’s what makes you smile when you hear it. The PR 35’s huge diaphragm adds both warmth and punch, along with spectacular presence.

I think that as much as great sound, Fox likes the fact that the PR 35 has the top-notch rear rejection. What does that mean? It means that the PR 35 is able to keep ambient noise out, isolating only the voice of the user.

Many cardioid microphones claim rear isolation, but in reality don’t perform well. Imagine the Super Bowl – the roar of the crowd, the noise of the PA announcer, the action everywhere. Imagine trying to hear Terry Bradshaw’s voice clearly without all of the background din. In a music setting, imagine not picking up the monitors or the reflection from the front of the balcony or the guitar amplifier.

With the PR 35, there’s virtually no feedback, even in high volume, high energy settings. The PR 35 has a three-position bass roll-off switch, and I recommend that you start with the middle setting. The PR 35 is a little boomy for most people’s taste when flat. So, you’ll have to experiment with what you think is best for you.

If you have a special vocalist (maybe your worship leader or a soloist) or a whole group of special vocalists, try it. My recommendation is to get one.  Use it next to what you’re using now. You’ll be hard-pressed to go back.

One of my clients and I have compared the PR 35 to lots of other microphones over the past couple weeks, and the results have been not unexpected, but very pleasing. We’ve compared the PR 35 to microphones of others at the price points of $99.95, $119.95, $159.95, and others up to $699. We found that the PR 35 was generally preferred to even the $699 microphone and that it blew the other brands away. There is truly a difference.

The Heil PR 35 is $249.95, so it’s not cheap. When you feel it, look at it, and hear it, you’ll know that you have a well-built tool in your hand. I’m confident in the PR 35 – so confident in fact, that if you don’t like it, I’ll take it back.

How will you know whether the PR 35 is for you? Ask yourself, “Does it sound like a great product?” What I’d like you to do is to read our descriptions (which you’ve already done). That’s step #1. Step #2 is to consider your budget. Ask yourself, “Is this a product that I can afford based on my needs (if it does what it’s supposed to do)?” Step #3 is to order it.

When you get it, use it. If you don’t agree with our assessment, you can return it. It’s fairly simple.

The Heil Sound PR 35 Large Diaphragm Vocal Microphone. $269.00

In stock for immediate shipment. Try it.  You won’t want to send it back.

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