Heil RC 35 Replacement Microphone Capsule
Heil RC 35 Replacement Microphone Capsule for Shure and Line 6 Wireless Systems

We have to admit that this isn't a full-blown techie-type review, but it's one heck of an enthusiastic thumbs-up from a real-world, every week fan of the Heil RC 35


Hey Dave!

I Love IT! I’ve even gotten compliments on how my voice sounds so good lately, seriously! It gave my voice a whole new dimension that I’ve been dying to have!

So thank you for noticing that I have a bright voice ;) 

Its awesome! 

I’m gonna try to catch some of the CMA’s tonight (to hear Carrie Underwood on her RC 35) but I have services til 8, so we’ll see.

Thanks Dave, awesome doing ministry with you!"  -Tara


Editors note:  Tara has a magnificent, strong voice, and the standard capsule on her wireless microphone just couldn't keep up when she really sang with emotion.  The improvement in performance was immediately obvious.  I heard it myself.  If you'd like to check out the Heil RC 35 for yourself, please give us a call at 800-747-7301. 

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