An overhead drum microphone?  Sure.  Ever heard of an "underhead" microphone?  From what some would tell, Bob Workman (the Front of House engineer for Charlie Daniels) invented the concept.  

For visual reasons, people have tried to pick up cymbal sounds for years from below the cymbals themselves, but the technique never worked well since most microphones don't have good rear and side rejection.  In short, most microphones, if placed in the underhead position pick up the toms, and too much of the rest of the drum kit. 

The Heil PR 31 BW came as a result of a suggestion from Bob Workman. Bob uses the Heil PR30 for for many applications, but found it too long, so Bob Workman asked Bob Heil whether he could cut one in half.  Bob Heil said yes, and from that discussion, the PR 31 BW was born - a 4" PR 30.  Both the PR30 and PR31 BW feature 40 dB of rear and side rejection, so you hear only what the microphone is pointed toward and not what's behind or around it.  That creates better isolation, more gain before feedback and a tighter mix.  

I haven't tried the PR31 BW for choir yet, but I think that it could make a wonderful choir microphone.  It's only 4" in length, so it would be less conspicuous than the PR30 which works really well for choir.

Flip the PR31 BW over and by using a right angle connector and the HH-1 rim mount, the PR 31BW is the perfect low profile answer for toms, too. Like the PR30, the PR 31BW is fabulous in front of a guitar cabinet, horns and saxophones, inside a Leslie speaker and I've heard rumor of acoustic piano.  I haven't tried that yet either.

The Heil PR31 BW is a heck of an all-purpose mic.  If you think that it might be for you, let us know.  We'd be glad to have you try it to see what you think.  Heil PR31 BW is $269.00.  Click here to order yours right now.

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