The grind of weekly set-up and tear-down will consume your volunteers, unless you give them the tools they need.  It's that simple.

Virtually all churches we work with, especially those that are mobile, struggle with the same issues.  Whether it's developing skilled sound and video operators before their families "want them back", having the time and resources to develop skilled people at all, or just the drain of getting started at 5:30AM for the 8:00 service and striking it all after lunch, keeping weekend production teams going forward is a tough job.

Let's make it easier!

What's the most thankless job on the weekend services production crew?  Cable taper - hands down.  Especially if your church sets up and tears down every week, your crew spends a lot of time on its hands and knees with rolls of gaffer's tape (that's often the wrong width) measuring out a couple arm's lengths and ripping it with their teeth, while trying to keep the lines straight.

And we ask why our volunteers don't stick around.

What if we could help you make taping cables the job that people wanted to do?

Happy tapers stick around to learn other tasks, feel more productive and spend less time crawling around on the floor.  And really, who wants to crawl around on the floor?

The GaffGun from Gafftech might well be your best-ever investment in volunteer retention and growth.  Imagine 10 minutes of taping being reduced to a minute.  Take a look at the video below.

The GaffGun can apply 1", 2", or 3" gaffer's tape, along with dry-channel tape, and it's actually fun to use.  The GaffGun bundle includes the GaffGun itself, a long extension handle, small, medium and large cable guides, and a floor guide for $269.00.  2" Gafftech gaffer's tape is $22 per roll (about the same price as other high quality gaffer's tape) and 3" is $31.  Again, comparable to others.

Do you have a case of tape that you feel like you need to use up before buying the GaffGun?  With Gafftech Standard Tape Adapters, you can continue to use the brand you prefer or simply run yourself out of it before switching to the Gafftech branded tapes.

This is one of no-brainer type products.  It really works, and it will save you and your crew lots and lots of time and frustration and with the right tools, you'll make weekend services that much better for the tech crew, which means that it'll be better for everyone else, too.

GaffGun - you'll be glad you didOrder online, or call us today.  In stock, ready to ship to make next weekend's services better.


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