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I’m not one to buy extended warranties since they seem like a bet against the equipment that I choose.  I’ve always felt that if I buy good equipment that failure covered by a warranty won’t be an issue.

Most (if not all) extended warranties do not cover problems associated with electrical power.  Lightning – not covered.  Line surges – not covered.  Voltage spikes – you guessed it – not covered.

So what does the typical extended warranty cover?  Extended warranties typically extend (thus the name) the manufacturer’s warranty – which is almost always coverage against a defect in manufacturing.

In short, if you’re buying good equipment, failures should be rare, and when problems occur, the typical extended warranty won’t cover it.

When it comes to protecting your investment in equipment, you have just a couple choices – you can buy an extended warranty, or you can protect your equipment from the cause of many equipment failures – electrical surges, spikes and other line problems.

Enter SurgeX.  In an instance told to me a few years ago, a family returned home to find that lightning had struck near their home and had irreparably damaged every single piece of electrical and electronic equipment inside the home, except one.  When the insurance adjuster came to the he found non-working kitchen appliances, televisions, alarm clocks, the furnace, the fax machine, and air conditioner.  He was surprised that the homeowner hadn’t listed his computer on the claim form and asked, “wasn’t your computer damaged?”  It wasn’t.  The computer had been plugged into a SurgeX SA15.

One of my friends who is also a manufacturer's representative for SurgeX wrote recently that “in over ten years representing SurgeX in the DC, NYC, Boston corridor, with thousands of these devices installed (in many cases protecting mission critical equipment), we have had ZERO problems of SurgeX not protecting other gear."   He went on to write, “The stuff just works.”

Suffice it to say that SurgeX does things differently.  Every other “surge protector" on the market uses MOV components that are designed to sacrifice themselves once they are subjected to a certain amount of surge impact.  SurgeX does not.

Interestingly, once the MOV sacrifices itself, many surge protectors continue to pass electricity to your equipment, but can no longer protect against surges.  Read that sentence again.  It says just what you think it says.  It's likely that your surge protector no longer protects your equipment from surges once its protection circuitry has been compromised.

When you can’t afford downtime and/or to lose equipment to catastrophic power issues or to cumulative damage caused by repeated spikes and surges, you can trust SurgeX to do the job.

One of our clients recently decided to protect their new $18,000 video projector with a SurgeX SA20.  At $369.95, it’s not inexpensive, but it’s a great value at about 2% of the purchase price.

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