Heil knows microphones!

When it comes to technology, Bob Heil is a rock star.  His entire career has been devoted to music technology, starting with his early large venue sound systems used by the Grateful Dead and The Who, to work with Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels, Stevie Wonder, Joe Walsh (the Eagles), Cheryl Crow, ZZ Top, Joan Baez, and dozens more. 

Heil Sound is the only manufacturer to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  You have to ask yourself not “Who?” but “Why?”  The Who is that other band.  Bad joke, I know.  The answer to the “Why?” part is that Bob knows microphones, and he is and was a true audio pioneer working hard to make things better for you. 

We began selling Heil microphones a few years ago and the response has been staggering.  Heil is now our largest selling hardwired microphone line.  People rave about them and typically buy more and more and more.  We like that, but the only way that it’s possible is that users like it, too. 

Everybody makes microphones.  How can there be room for another company?  Heil mics are not less expensive, they’re not prettier, they don’t come Buy One, Get One Free.  They’re simply fabulous sounding and reasonably priced. 

I was always impressed that Bob included gold, chrome, and black windscreens and a fancy carrying case for his PR20 microphone.  It was his first foray into vocal microphones, it quickly became a favorite, and he was proud of it. 

Where the PR20 really stood out, and still does, is as a snare drum microphone.  It’s simply the best snare microphone that’s available – and it’s not just me that thinks that. 

Pro users that you’ve never heard of demand the Heil PR20 as their first choice snare drum microphone.  Who demands specific microphones?  Sound technicians and engineers.  They’re not generally famous, although some are, but they’re the guys making the players sound good.  I should know.  I made a bunch of pretty boys sound good for a long time – and rarely got noticed either.  I kind of like it that way. 

Back to the story.  Earlier this month, Bob decided to dispense with the flashy windscreens and the fancy box and came out with the PR20UT.  It’s the same darn microphone with only the chrome metal grille and a clip in a bag – just like the others guys do it – and for $50 less. 

If you want the sound of the PR20 without the frills, get the PR20UT.  It works great on guitar, toms and vocals, too. 

Function or form?  It’s your choice.  That’s Bob’s contribution to your personal economy today. 

Call to order either the PR20 or the PR20UT and we’ll send them right out!

Heil PR20   $149.00

Heil PR20UT   $99.00save $50 just to give up two metal grilles and a fancy carrying box

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