DPA Headband Microphone

Based on appearance, similarities to all other earset and headset microphones end there.  The DPA headband microphones outperform all others – period.  If their price tag is indicative of performance, they should.  We have only a couple handfuls of clients who use the DPA headband mics.  Most have “graduated” from more common brands for one reason or another, and all have decided that DPA microphones measure up to whatever standard they’re seeking. 

By and large, most users seek out DPA’s pristine sound quality.  Quite simply, there is no match.  Our clients that use the DPA microphones tend to have larger budgets, but not exclusively so.  Many users have come from referrals of satisfied DPA users. 

The DPA 4066 omnidirectional and 4088 cardioid headband microphones come in several different color and connector configuration, so giving all of the prices here is impractical. 

If you’re interested in having the best headband/earset microphone that money can buy and if consistency of performance and long-term reliability is a concern, look no further. 

DPA4066 Omnidirectional Headband Microphone from about $700

DPA4088 Cardioid Headband Microphone from about $725

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