Countryman E6 Earclip

From time to time, we’ll have someone ask how they can keep their Countryman E6 earset more securely in place.  There are a variety of tricks and tips that we give, but Countryman has pretty much eliminated the issue with the recent release of its E6 earclip. 

The E6 earclip offers exceptional stability and attaches directly to your existing E6 microphone.  It’s easily concealed behind in the hair and can be adjusted to provide a custom fit.  It offers maximum versatility for your E6; you’ll now be able to use it in either one- or two-ear settings.  The E6 earclip comes in tan and black colors, and in right and left ear models. 

It’s a simple product that allows you to keep the sound quality of your existing earset instead of changing to a two-ear earset, if needed. 

Countryman E6 Earclip $55  ($70 MSRP)

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