Audio-Technica U851Rb - Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone
Accidents happen.

A few years ago, I was introduced to what was supposed to be the world’s best piano microphone.  It received great reviews, was made here in the USA from solid brass, and from all indications, it was supposed to sound great, and it did.

Fast forward to mid-2007.  One of my long-time clients called to ask about a “reasonably-priced microphone for grand piano.”  That’s a request that I get all of the time.  Finding the right set-up for grand piano can be an adventure.

As I drilled down into my memory for a solution, I thought of the solid brass microphone, but it didn’t qualify as reasonably-priced.  What made it special?  Why did it work?  I thought of its structure; it was a small-diaphragm condenser microphone on a boundary – like those used in boardrooms, except that it was optimized for piano. 

My clients buy lots of boardroom microphones (flat, almost disc- or trapezoid-shaped), so I had plenty in stock.  Wondering whether it would work at all, I sent one out just to see what would happen.  I was surprised to find out that with the right placement, that it worked really well and cost 60% less than the solid brass piano microphone. 

Our clients have found this microphone to work well on baby grands and 7’ grand pianos alike.  The church that I attend uses one on its Yamaha baby grand every week. 

Call me to order yours right now.  I’ll let you try it out and explain to you how to place it for best results.  If you’re not satisfied, just send it back. 

Audio-Technica U851RB Condenser Microphone  $239.00


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