Dave Stagl - Making it Fit

Making it Fit

Dave Stagl
I had a big reminder of how important properly EQ’ing things can be while mixing for my friends at Decatur City Church this week. Rehearsal was going great and everything was sounding pretty good in the room. I commented to several people that I thought I won the lotto this week because I was loving the band and vocalists. The team there is always great, but sometimes there’s just an extra little thing that’s happening.
Dave Stagl - Managing the Cooks in the Kitchen, when it comes to audio mixing.

Cooking with Lots of Cooks in the Kitchen

Dave Stagl
Church Production Magazine published an article by Dave Stagl in its July issue on working with a lot of “cooks” in the kitchen. You can find the a...
Lessening the Pain of Soundchecks, by Dave Stagl

Lessening the Pain of Soundchecks

Dave Stagl
By David Stagl GoingTo11.com Soundcheck… Sometimes I want to get every church together to get some things straight about soundchecks. If you’re not...
Searching for Parts, by Dave Stagl

Searching for Parts

Dave Stagl
By David Stagl GoingTo11.com A lot of mixing is mindset related, and this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot on recent training visits. Th...
Simple Methods for Building Audio Skills Most Church Sound Engineers Neglect, by David Stagl

Simple Methods for Building Audio Skills Most Church Sound Engineers Neglect

Dave Stagl
By David Stagl GoingTo11.com I say this over and over and will continue saying it: Mixing is NOT a technical discipline. It’s a craft. It’s an art....

The Power of Familiarity

Dave Stagl
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Get the Most from Your Vocal Mic

Dave Stagl
David Stagl I’ve been meaning to make this video for months. If you’re an engineer, you might find this interesting and even learn a thing or...

Meet Dave Stagl

Dave Stagl
We'd like to introduce you to Dave Stagl. We'll be sharing some of the articles he writes to his audience at Goingto11.com. Dave has been immersed...