Dave Stagl, Atlanta-based Mixer and Producer dedicated to making music and videos sound great. Atmos, surround, and stereo.

We'd like to introduce you to Dave Stagl. We'll be sharing some of the articles he writes to his audience at Goingto11.com.

Dave has been immersed in the world of audio production for the last 25 years spanning live sound, broadcast, audio post-production, and music production. He currently focuses primarily on mixing for live sound and the studio. When he's not mixing, he's on the road providing audio education for churches and individuals looking to elevate their audio presentation to the next level.

Dave has worked with Kristian Stanfill, Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture, Phil Keaggy, North Point Music, Steve Fee, Todd Fields, Chris Tomlin, Mark Schultz, Buddy Greene, Matthew West, and Leonard Ahlstrom (NewSong) and many, many others. And he has worked on and managed projects for corporate and broadcast clients including HGTV, Motorola, Wyndham Vacations, Apple Vacations, Siemens, and McDougall Littell.

He's a true professional. Until 2015, Dave served as the Audio Director at North Point Community Church located outside of Atlanta. At North Point, Dave oversaw all audio production related to the Sunday morning experience including mixing, managing and training volunteers and staff, and keeping the audio world up and running. While at North Point, he supervised two concert level sound system installations in 2200+ seat venues, upgraded FOH and monitor consoles, redesigned the entire audio infrastructure, and optimized the loudspeaker systems in all of the large venues (500 or more seats) on the campus.

He's a frequent guest on the Church Tech Weekly podcast. He has presented at production conferences, and has had articles published in Church Production Magazine and on Waves website.

If you'd like to contact Dave, here's where you do it

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