Carrie Underwood's rainbow of Heil PR 35 vocal microphones

In a recent talk with Randy Lane, he offered part of his secret to making country music superstar Carrie Underwood sound her best.  “I like to make sure that Carrie’s vocal is the focal point, but I’m also trying to make sure that what the band plays on stage is conveyed accurately to the audience,” he says. “ To that end it all starts with the source and the mic reproducing the instrument accurately. Heil mics absolutely are faithful to the source and translate drums, guitars, and bass guitar, as well as Carrie's vocals, accurately and dependably every night. She has a top-notch band with her and I’m trying to capture exactly what they play and just stay out of the way.”

“Carrie is absolutely one of the best vocalists I’ve worked with,” Lane adds. “She comes in for every sound check completely prepared and delivers a soundcheck vocal as if thousands of people were listening. Every day at rehearsal, she was 100 percent ready for what she was doing with each song. It’s an absolute pleasure to see that level of professionalism and it certainly doesn’t hurt that she can belt it out. She can take a song from an intimate whisper to one of the most searing vocals you have ever heard in your life in the space of a heartbeat and the Heil RC35 delivers that vocal impeccably. ”

The RC35 is replacement microphone capsule that will allow you to use the Heil Sound microphone capsule used on the PR35 vocal microphone.  If you have questions, please call.  We stock virtually all Heil microphones for immediate delivery.  We also have demonstration models for you to try in your setting.  Call for more information.


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