The Pro Audio and Video Supply Chain is Finally Catching Up!
Last week, we received everything we had on backorder from Audio-Technica.  Everything! – and it was a bunch of equipment for the warehouse guys to shelve, but we have the best selection of the 4th Generation 3000 Series wireless microphone systems we’ve ever had. 

The 4th Generation 3000 Series is the best value in mid-level professional wireless microphone systems. Between the two available bands (DE2 and EE1), up to 32 systems can be used simultaneously and the transmitters are made from metal, so they are durable.  And nothing we have available at this price point is made as well as these are.

With the reduction of available wireless spectrum by the FCC over the past 10+ years, the now-available spectrum for wireless microphones can be pretty tight, so buying the right equipment is critical.

The Audio-Technica 3000 Series features high-quality microphone capsules for great sound, 300' operating range, and the N versions also includes a network port for use with A-T’s Wireless Manager software

If you need to mute a transmitter, evaluate the nearby RF spectrum for interference, or check other system “health” data, the 3000N network versions might be just what you need. 

At the church I attend, we use these 3000 Series systems exclusively in our main worship space, replacing older 4000 Series (much more expensive) systems with something better.

You can choose the 3000 Series with confidence in any size church, school or business venue.  Call us with questions about how to select the best wireless microphone systems for your needs at 800-747-7301 today!

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