A direct box is a direct box is a direct box, isn't it?!

Well, not really. Sure they all pass signals and allow you to plug in an instrument to a microphone input, but they don't all sound the same. At our rehearsal last week, one of our acoustic guitars sounded pretty bad. Without knowing what it was plugged into, making it sound good at the mixer was tougher than it should have been. 

The musician had a $1500 Taylor acoustic guitar and new strings. The lead guitar player asked whether he should switch that direct box to one of the Radial boxes.

Oh. My. Word.

I knew how good Radial direct boxes sounded, but it was only in the side-by-side use that it really showed how much better it was than the other. 

The ProDI single-channel and ProD2 stereo direct boxes are pretty much bulletproof (we've never seen a failure), they sound great and should last as long as you don't lose it. These are durable enough that we THINK that you can probably run over it with a car, but please do not try. The warranty doesn't cover that. 

ProDI & ProD2

  • Compact passive direct box for stage and studio
  • Able to handle huge transients without distortion
  • Transformer isolation eliminates noisy ground loops
  • Plug and play easy to use feature set – on stage or in the studio
  • Stereo direct box designed for keyboards (ProD2 only)
  • Smooth, warm sound rounds out digital edge
  • Able to handle huge transients without choking
  • May be rack mounted for touring rigs (ProD2 only with J-Rak 4 or J-Rak 8)

You'll find that the Radial Pro series of direct boxes will exceed your expectations for both performance and durability. Users all over the world agree. These are Radial's best sellers #1 and #2 overall. 

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