Are you sure that everyone can hear what you're saying?

Existing churches in existing buildings are not required by law to provide assistive listening systems for use by those who have difficulty hearing.  Even so, why place a potential stumbling block in the way when a member or a guest (especially a guest) might need some extra help hearing the message.

Isn’t the message what matters anyway?
Starting at $767.99, your church can get into the best family of Assistive Listening Systems (ALS) that money can buy, with a Lifetime Warranty.

Effective hearing is an important part of engaging your attenders in worship.  Listen Technologies provides systems that make a difference.  You might ask, “Why do we need an ALS when people have their own hearing aids?  That’s a fair question.

The fact is that hearing aids amplify all of the sound in the room – the reverberations, the reflections, the people whispering nearby, and the sound system.  There’s a great deal of “clutter” that can interfere with those who wear hearing aids.

The result is that the message is heard clearly.
With Listen Technologies ALS products, each user hears only what you want them to hear by allowing the sound system feed to be directed into their ears, without amplifying anything else.

Listen products are simple to use and manage.  They ensure that everyone hears your message.  Listen equipment can also be used to deliver your message into auxiliary rooms such as cry rooms, overflow areas and nurseries – without wires.

We can configure a custom system to meet your requirements, or choose from prepackaged systems for 3 or 4 users.

Listen Technologies FM Value System (4 users)   $799.00

Listen Technologies RF System (4 users)   $1699.00

Listen products can also be used effectively in language interpretation systems.

Call for more information on how to integrate Listen Technologies products into your worship facility today!


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