Heil PR22 Cardioid Vocal Microphone
"the last thing that I thought that we needed was..."

I have to admit that I’m having lots of fun introducing the Heil Sound line to our clients.  It’s not often that we find much in the way of innovation with respect to vocal microphones.  There are lots of very good microphones out there and, quite frankly, the last thing that I thought that we needed was another microphone line.  I mean how much better can things get?

A client and I stumbled upon Heil just last August while trying to find the perfect choir microphone.  We found it, but that’s another story that I can share, if you’d like to call me sometime.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the Heil PR-22.  It’s primarily a vocal microphone for live use, but it works really well on snare drum, and guitar amplifier, as well.  The PR22 is a close cousin of the PR20, but the introduction of a new type of suspension has dramatically reduced the handling noise that some find in the PR20 – without sacrificing bass response.

The PR22 has perfect presence in the upper midrange allowing the singer’s voice to come through the mix, rather than cut through – if you know what I mean.

There’s a lot that can be said about the technology employed by Heil to make the PR-22, but the best way to discover what you think is to try one.  If you’re in the market for a new vocal microphone and $165 each fits your budget, let us send you a “Made in the USA” PR22 to try on your vocalists, on your sound system.  If past experience is any indicator of future performance, you won’t send it back and you’ll probably want more.

Heil PR-22 Cardioid Vocal Microphone   $179



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