Do aesthetics really matter in an historic church?

In short, yes!  So we'd like to help you find ways to please your building committee, architect, and interior design team. 

The church I attend was built in 1921, long before anyone imagined the use of audio, video and lighting in our building. And for that reason, I have always been very sensitive in my attempts to keep the room looking "historic" and not like a box full of technology.

Here comes RF Venue with the CP Architectural antenna.  In a nutshell, the CP Architectural antenna is low-profile, white, can be painted and allows the antenna (designed for use with in-ear combiners and in-ear systems) to not be a visual issue. RF Venue makes 4- and 8-channel combiners, both of which work perfectly with this unique product.

The CP Architectural antenna builds on the success of the foldable CP Beam helical antenna (at a lower price), eliminating the most common signal dropouts while reducing noise and interference. 

RF Venue also offers the Diversity Architectural antenna for improved and less-visible wireless microphone use. 

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