Navitas Financing for Geartechs Customers

Introducing NAVITAS Equipment Financing

Navitas makes it easy, convenient, and affordable for buyers and sellers of equipment to get things done.  Their innovative technologies, creat...
Westone Mach 70 Earphones

Save up to $400 on Westone Mach Series earbuds.

"Large and wide extension with a smooth top end and commanding bass" and "deep, wide mids and lows mean a smooth, beefy listening experience sure to satisfy any music lover’s appetite."
DPA DAD6040 Wireless Adapter for Miniature Microphones

Countryman and DPA now offer adapters and cables for Audio Technica 3000 Series (4th Gen) wireless microphone systems!

Finally!When the new Audio Technica 3000 Series (4th Gen) wireless systems arrived last summer, everyone got a surprise.  Audio-Technica decided to...

Countryman E6 and H6 now available for Audio Technica 3000 Series 4th Generation

Last summer, Audio Technica released the updated 3000 Series 4th Generation wireless microphone systems that we'd been waiting on for a couple year...

1992 called and it wants its rack panel back!

Until just this year, we've been limited to offering engraved rack panels with basic logos, and text file type layouts.  If it looked good in Ariel...

Warranty Registration Reminder - don't ignore this warranty card.

Many times, I am tempted to not fill out the warranty card when I buy something new.  I get lots of email.  I get lots of mail.  And in most cases,...

The making of a microphone - a video.

We use microphones, we sell microphones, we recommend microphones. I tend to forget all that goes into the making of a good microphone.This video b...

We sell solutions!

Half of all churches we talk with need some sort of upgrade to their audio, video, lighting or projection systems. How to make those upgrades and n...
Heil PR 30 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone

Choir mic shootout - Heil PR30 versus Beyerdynamic MC930, Neumann KM185, and Lewitt LCT340

In order to get a great choir sound in modern worship, you need a microphone with exceptional isolation, great uniformity of the polar or pickup pa...