DPA DAD6040 Wireless Adapter for Miniature Microphones


When the new Audio Technica 3000 Series (4th Gen) wireless systems arrived last summer, everyone got a surprise.  Audio-Technica decided to change the connector on these new systems to a custom connector, and none of the other earset suppliers had them.

Audio-Technica offered an adapter cable, but if you wanted one of the new 3000 series systems and needed a headset or earset microphone, you couldn't just re-use your current Countryman or DPA microphone, even with the adapter.  Neither company had an answer, since the connector was proprietary to Audio-Technica, and the adapter was designed to allow older A-T microphones to be used with the newer A-T systems.

In the late fall of 2019, Countryman came along with its CW-CH variants for the new 3000 Series, and earlier this year, DPA introduced its DAD6040 adapter to allow its microphones to be compatible to the new 3000 series systems.  We're pleased to tell you about both options.

So if you have existing DPA and Countryman microphones and plan to buy new wireless systems, the Audio-Technica 3000 Series is still a great choice, offering best in class quality of construction (all metal transmitters) and the ability to use up to 30 systems per band simultaneously (two bands available).  For more information on the new 3000 series, please click here!  Starting at $629.  A-T makes some great microphones of its own, too.  Now you have three great choices to top off this new wireless microphone system.

Please let us know how we can answer your questions as you transition away from your 600 MHz units to something new.  We still have to make the change at the church where I am a member of the tech team, so I feel your pain, too.


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