All of us are tired of hearing about equipment shortages, but it's the new reality for AVL suppliers nationwide, no matter what anyone tells you.  Whether a dealer has 5000 square feet of warehouse space or 500,000, there are still things that are not available, that we can't get, that someone didn't think to order beforehand, didn't anticipate being popular, and/or have run out of. 

Even so, we have had a very good year, and have been able to get most of what we need.  As we look ahead, we have been told to expect shortages lingering into the 3rd quarter 2022 for power amplifiers, powered speakers, some digital audio consoles, some lighting fixtures and some video equipment. 

The bottom line is that the supply chain has been injured and is limping back, and might be getting a bit better in some areas, but many items will not be available again until 2022. 

We have been buying hard-to-find power amplifiers, digital consoles, and other equipment as often as its available, but every dealer in the country has holes that it can't fill 100%. 

If you plan to do a project of any size in 2022, especially one that involves audio, video and lighting together, please start early, help us plan for your needs and timeline, and don't wait until the last minute.  If an integrator or dealer tells you that it's going to be a long wait, believe it.  And if it seems like prices are higher than in the past, in many cases, they are. 

Changing orders and re-engineering projects based on availability is no fun, at all.  But it's our life right now, and we hope it changes soon.  We continue to serve our clients well, on time and in budget, and we promise to be realistic about timelines for items that we do not have in stock. 

Again, things are getting better -- slowly.  We hope that continues as we approach 2022 and get the new year started.  Please let us know how we can be helpful with providing the solutions you need.  Call us at 800-747-7301, anytime.  We answer the phone live and actually return calls.  Those who know us can attest to that. 

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