So it's Tuesday, November 16 and I'm minding my business when I get a text from my friend Ron from Sturgis, Michigan. We have a friendly respect for the other's college football team, except for the week that Ohio State plays Michigan State, and this year, that Tuesday was the start of the rivalry week. 

He asked me "Do you have Facebook Messenger?" 

"Yes, but I don't use it much."

"I'm going to send you a video. Comes through better on Messenger."

"Oh boy, here we go, the 'Sparty is Going to Snack on Some Buckeyes' comments and game day hype videos start now! Game on!"

If there's anyone who likes to talk about college football any more than my friend Tim Bragg, it's me. So I was ready. 

The next text from Ron said, "This was in our church yesterday morning". 

Still in Beat MSU mode, I think to myself "Huh?!"

I'll let the video speak for itself.  This is exactly why you should never try to save a buck before Black Friday. Thankfully, no one was injured and no equipment was damaged.  This footage may be shocking, but take it as our warning. 

Michigan Church Tries to Save a Buck Before Black Friday

We don't want this to happen to you, so please let us know how we can help.  And have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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