Despite what others have led you to believe, the products we sell are not essential to support human life.  Food, water, and temperate shelter qualify as essential - professional audio and video equipment do not.  Even so, the equipment we offer is essential for effective communication, and that's a big concern, especially in the worship setting.

So what do you do when the Finance people say, "There's no money for that?"  Or, "You'll have to get by for $2000 when your lowest bid came in at $4000."  Many days, I talk with people facing these challenges, and just today, we did a 50% "haircut" on a video system project that will deliver 85% of the intended impact of the original proposal.

When a project seems impossible, it's likely that there are sections of the proposal that can be adjusted while retaining much of what you hope for.  The system might not remain quite as user-friendly, it won't have all of the bells and whistles, but it will meet your needs and your budget - if the changes are made with care and thought towards the future.

Let us help you find the right solution so that you end up right where you want to be.


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