I've been vindicated - at last!  Well, not really.  It's just that when you see others writing about the same topics that you think are important that you realize that you're right.  Or maybe that two of you are wrong.  Whatever the case, earlier this week, I read an article written by a system design professional about how to buy sound and video equipment, and we think alike.

For the last few years, I've been strongly encouraging our clients that there's a hidden cost to low prices.  Some companies make equipment overseas and have no service parts in the United States (not to mention no service facilities).  Lots of equipment that we used to fix is now disposable.  Worse is equipment that's just junk to start with.  Cheap gear is made with inferior components with relaxed tolerances and offers significantly more potential for failure.

Maybe I'm old, or maybe I'm just getting smarter, but saving money isn't the key to getting the right piece of equipment.  As my colleague wrote, buy your gear like the professionals do - buy the right product in order to assure reliable performance.  There's simply no way to cut corners and get great results.  And those results are what counts when everyone expects what's essentially perfection week in and week out.


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