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Roland V-800HD “Power Flex" Bundle

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Purchase a V-800HD from us and you’ll receive 2 VC-1-DL video converters ($1,590 Retail Value) - FREE!The VC-1-DL is a bi-directional SDI/HDMI converter with frame sync and audio delay. 

This live production package provides flexible video input/output options with delay to sync audio and video sources.

Examples showing added flexibility and power

power flex diagram

Place your order with us over the phone (not available for order online) and be sure to mention “Power Flex bundle and Save Promotion" to get two free VC-1-DL’s (a $1,590 retail value).

For questions, please call us at (800) 747-7301.  More information, here

Terms and conditions:
•    Offer valid on purchases from Sept 15th - Nov 30th, 2014.
•    May not be combined with any other promotional offer, financing offer or demo programs.


Free never sounded so good!

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Choir 600Audix will give you a FREE VX5 when you purchase two MicroBoom systems.*

The MicroBoom Series from Audix is able to lift the sound of your choir above the band, and offers a wide selection of pick-up patterns, output levels and frequency responses.

And the mic is just half of the story: the boom arms are made of carbon fiber so they are lightweight, thin and strong.

Available in 50 and 84 inch lengths, the MicroBoom is capable of adjusting to the angle and position you need. It fits in those hard-to-reach places and then disappears so your choir will be seen and heard.

*Offer available October 1 - November 30, 2014 while supplies last.

Buy two MicroBoom Systems (MB5050, MB5050HC, MB5055, MB5055HC, MB8450, MB8450HC, MB8455, MB8455HC) and get a free VX5.

Audix VX5

The VX5 is a multi-purpose, professional vocal condenser microphone designed to duplicate studio quality sound on stage, and it has a smooth and accurate frequency response along with the ability to isolate vocals from the rest of the stage.

When ordering online or on the phone, there's no need to order the VX5 separately.  It will just appear in the box with the MB's, almost like magic.  No limit on the number of free VX5's.  Just order two MB's per free VX5.


Video display solutions for bright rooms

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Is your video projector washed out?  Not washed up, but washed out - as in, the light in the room is so bright that you can't see the image, no matter how bright the projector is.  It happens all of the time -- house lights, stage lights, sunlight.  Some of those can be fixed, but you can only go so far. 

Every day, we watch televisions, computer monitors, and our devices (phones, tablets, etc.) and we're pretty spoiled.  High brightness and beautiful color, and if you're indoors, these video displays generally unaffected by the light around you. 

Then we decide that we want to see that same image in a meeting room or auditorium.  If we're not careful with lighting placement or choosing the right projector and screen, we can see something like this.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.54.18 PM









You can't make out anything (video or words).  But that's what overhead fluorescent lights (let alone sunlight) can do.

With a conventional projection screen, there's not much else to expect, since the projected video image is picked up equally well compared to the other light sources and reflected back to your eye.  Add to that that the darkest part of the white screen is as black as your black on the screen can be. 

Does that make sense?  If so, how do you get a really good, dark, detailed black on a white screen with high ambient light.  Well, you don't. You get what's shown in the photo above. 

So what are my options, you ask?  Read on...

Read more: Video display solutions for bright rooms


LiveMix Personal Mixing System - Part 1

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by Mike Sessler,

livemixThere are no shortages of personal mixing products any more. It wasn't so long ago that Aviom was the only game in town. The Digital Audio Labs Livemix is a product that I've been waiting to review for almost a year. We first saw it at InfoCom 2013. We shot a video of it back then, but it wasn't quite ready. A few weeks ago, a big box arrived on my doorstep full of personal mixing goodness.

We'll do this in three parts. First, an overview. Second, we'll dig a little deeper into the components and how they are laid out. Finally, how does it actually work. From the outset I'll say that I like the system. It's built well, sounds good and offers some unique features that no one else does - at least not the way they're implemented here.

System Components

Like most personal mixing systems, the Livemix consists of two main parts; the input module and the control surface. Here, it's implemented a bit differently. The input module consists of the Central Mixer or Mix-16 and either an analog input module, the AD-24 or a Dante expansion card. And of course, you have the personal mixer itself. Now, you might notice something right away that is unique here. The personal mixer is called CS-Duo, which I suppose stands for Control Surface, Duo. There are actually two complete personal mixers in each control surface.

While that might initially sound confusing, it's really not in practice.

Read more: LiveMix Personal Mixing System - Part 1


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