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Da-Lite Parallax Stratos 1.0 Ambient Light Rejecting Screens

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If we told you that Da-Lite is now offering a seamless ALR screen up to 16' in height, some people would understand and be excited while others eyes would glaze over.  The new Parallax Stratos 1.0 screen material delivers a solution for rejecting ambient light with larger screen sizes. Previously available up to 59" in height, Parallax Stratos 1.0 offers the ability to install seamless ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens up to 16 feet in height.  Parallax Stratos is available in a wide variety of Da-Lite tensioned electric and fixed frame options. This Contrast Based ALR surface rejects up to 80% of ambient light with 1.0 gain for standard throw projectors (1.0:1 or greater lens ratios).  As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Contrast Based ALR prevents projected images from appearing washed out by maintaining and enhancing brightness. The gray surface fabric color and other engineered design elements in the surface combine to absorb ambient light rather than reflect it. Da-Lite Parallax screens are your weapon to combat ambinet light and lower projector brightness in order to produce bright, crisp images.

Parallax Stratos 1.0 is covered by a comprehensive five year warranty. All Da-Lite surfaces are eligible for the Screen Green program that allows customers to send in old surfaces to be recycled keeping them out of landfills, contributing to a healthier planet. The Da-Lite facility is 100% landfill-free.  If you have a challenging room with lots of light, and have been trying to figure out how to address the problem of washed out images, give us a call.  We'll be glad to help.  800-747-7301.


Unleash the full potential of JBL PRX800-series loudspeakers

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JBL PRX800 LoudClear V2Software

PRX800 customers spoke and JBL listened. We’re excited to tell you about a free app and firmware update that lets PRX800 customers get the sound you are looking, for faster than ever.

What’s new in the PRX800 V2 firmware update? Through customer research, JBL learned that PRX800 customers typically do two things immediately upon set up: turn up the bass EQ and input gain. The PRX800 V2 firmware update now adds two default settings that ensure optimal sound, out of the box, and the ability to revert back to the speaker’s previous default settings.

New in the PRX800 V2 Firmware Update:

Enhanced Bass Tuning (PRX812 and PRX815): This new default tuning preset features enhanced low frequencies. You will immediately notice a warmer and fuller tone and will be particularly impressed when playing bass-heavy music including pop, hip hop and EDM. (A flat tuning is also available.)

More Control over Input Gain (all models except subwoofers): Line-level inputs now include options for Hi and Lo input sensitivity settings. Lo input sensitivity is pre-set by the update, which will result in louder playback by default without having to touch the Input Gain knob. You can switch to Hi input sensitivity, the previous default setting, with a simple flip of a switch in the PRX Connect App.

This free upgrade provides a fresh way to experience the full PRX power, clarity and nuance, as well as showcase the robust capabilities of the PRX Connect App.


The PRX800-series V2 firmware update is available now in the latest versions of the PRX Connect App for Android and iOS, downloadable through Google Play and Apple App Store.

Starting March 4, HARMAN began shipping JBL PRX800-series loudspeakers with V2 firmware pre-installed. To learn more, visit


Acoustics for Houses of Worship

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Voice intelligibility is one of the biggest problems faced in most houses of worship. Often built with primarily hard and reflective surfaces, sound becomes difficult to manage in these spaces. With the addition of contemporary instruments and sound systems into rooms (some of which were designed before sound systems came into use), the clarity of the message can suffer.  With many contemporary churches meeting in warehouse-type spaces, proper system design and acoustical treatments become a requirement. 

Free consultation!

Our team provides free acoustics consultations! Simply provide us with the room dimensions and photographs and we can quickly determine the correct amount of acoustic treatment that needs to be installed.

Require More?

For a $250 deposit, we can provide rendered images in full color to not only determine proper layout and positioning, but to also provide you with images showing how your space can look when complete. This deposit will be automatically credited back to the order at time of purchase and/or installation.

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Let us help to create a warm, comfortable, and visually appealing space where the message can be heard!

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Forward room dimensions and photographs to Feel free to contact us directly at 800-747-7301, if you have any other questions.



Countryman E6 and H6 now available for Audio Technica 3000 Series 4th Generation

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Last summer, Audio Technica released the updated 3000 Series 4th Generation wireless microphone systems that we'd been waiting on for a couple years. And the systems do not disappoint. 

The new 3000 series quickly became one of our best-selling wireless systems, but there was just one fairly major issue.  Unbeknownst to all but a select few, Audio Technica had decided to change the cable connector to something different from what it had been using for the last 10+ years, so as people switched from older systems to newer systems, we discovered that their current Countryman and DPA microphones would not work.  Audio Technica does offer an adapter for use with existing microphones, but this is a better option. 

Just this week, we received word that Countryman is shipping the E6, E6i, E6D, E6 Flex, H6 and replacement cables with the updated connector.  So if you have existing microphones from Countryman, we can swap the cable and sell you a new 3000 Series system for the first time in several months. And you can buy new microphones with cables for the new 3000 Series

In addition to best-in-class sound quality, the new 3000 Series features durable metal transmitters, extremely wide 60 MHz UHF tuning bandwidth (which means up to 20 systems can operate side-by-side in each of two different frequency bands), and the ability of handheld and body-pack transmitters to switch to a backup frequency in case of interference -- starting as low as $549

If you have questions, please let us know by calling 800-747-7301.


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