Shiloh Mennonite Church before and after AV system upgrade

A big 'thank you' to Truth Seeker Productions for their work throughout the process of design and implementation of a long overdue system upgrade in our sanctuary! Dave and the team have been great to work with and we are thrilled with the huge upgrade in sound quality.

Jonathan Miller
Worship Ministry Director
Shiloh Mennonite Church

Our footnote: These are before (left) and after (right) photos. This is an actual stereo audio system. The speakers selected allow for about 90% of the seating area to experience a true stereo field for listening, as opposed to just having two speakers in the space. 

We know that might not seem impressive, but having a single speaker installed for each half of the auditorium doesn't create a stereo listening experience. 

The computer-generated results of the speaker analysis we did were a fun surprise, and we all enjoyed hearing it work so well when installed. The subwoofer was flown in order to keep low frequencies as uniformly distanced from all seats as possible and to reduce sound pressure in the front row from a subwoofer on the ground. 

What you should see in the after photo is the minimal use of speakers compared the original design. The 8 speakers in the before photo interfered with each other so badly that almost every other seat experienced a different quality of sound. 

Imagine dropping 2 pebbles in a still pond and the ripples that would make in the still water. Now, drop 8 pebbles (speakers) in the same pond and imagine the mess. Ripples (interference) magnified. 

This is a simple (and simply better) solution in terms of uniformity of frequency response in all seats, and a massive upgrade to the quality of sound. If you'd like to explore a "simply better" option for your auditorium, please reach out to us.