5 Reasons to Choose the Countryman H6 Headset
The H6 Headset is designed for exceptional performance and value.

1. Sweatproof
The H6 Omni Headset, with its new watertight connector, is submersible to one meter. It's ready to take on dust, sweat and make-up on stage and screen.

Countryman H6 Headset submerged underwater with a goldfish swimming by
2. Tough
The H6 Headset is made of stainless steel with a flexible, chemical-resistant coating, and H6 Cables are packed with aramid fiber with a 45-pound break strength.

3. Low Profile
The H6 capsule is less than half the size of the Sennheiser HSP2 and DPA 4066 on an extremely light frame. The folks at Countryman have also precisely tuned the four colors of the H6 to blend in against the skin, making the mic virtually impossible to see when its worn.


Countryman H6 Headset available in 5 colors

4. Adjustable
More earwire and boom adjustability means one frame size fits all. Formable wires allow a custom fit every time.

5. Versatile
Choose an H6 Omnidirectional with frequency-response-tuning caps, or an H6 Directional with field-switchable polar patterns. Switch the microphone boom or snap on a new cable in seconds to interface to hundreds of different wireless transmitters and digital recorders.


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