Is your video projector washed out?  Not washed up, but washed out - as in, the light in the room is so bright that you can't see the image, no matter how bright the projector is.  It happens all of the time -- house lights, stage lights, sunlight.  Some of those can be fixed, but you can only go so far.

Every day, we watch televisions, computer monitors, and our devices (phones, tablets, etc.) and we're pretty spoiled.  High brightness and beautiful color, and if you're indoors, these video displays generally unaffected by the light around you.

Then we decide that we want to see that same image in a meeting room or auditorium.  If we're not careful with lighting placement or choosing the right projector and screen, we can see something like this. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.54.18 PM

You can't make out anything (video or words).  But that's what overhead fluorescent lights (let alone sunlight) can do.

With a conventional projection screen, there's not much else to expect, since the projected video image is picked up equally well compared to the other light sources and reflected back to your eye.  Add to that that the darkest part of the white screen is as black as your black on the screen can be.

Does that make sense?  If so, how do you get a really good, dark, detailed black on a white screen with high ambient light.  Well, you don't. You get what's shown in the photo above.

So what are my options, you ask?  Read on...

The first image below is of a Screen Innovations screen material being held in front of the same screen you see above.  Do you think that Screen Innovations might be able to help your situation?  In many cases, their solutions are just what you need. And yes, the results are just this dramatic.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.12.58 PM

And if Screen Innovations can't help, you might consider an LED video wall.  See below.  And yes, the lights are full on and directly overhead (you can see them), and the wall brightness (output) is actually turned down to about 60%.  Despite being turned down, this LED video wall was the brightest thing in the room, and attracted a lot of attention to our booth at a church leadership conference a couple weeks ago.

The reason that it works is that the image is bright and that the wall surface itself has no reflective properties to pick up ambient light.  All you see is the picture.

LED video walls can be built into almost any configuration and size imaginable, they can display multiple images, triple-wide images, single images, they can be installed to make a curved surface (concave or convex), and you'll find them both indoors and out.  This particular wall is from Aeson Event Technologies and is about 5x8'. 


Video walls have dropped in price by about 70% in the last year or so, and might be just the solution you need.

If you have a high ambient light environment and require something beyond the traditional white fabric screens, let us put together a custom solution for you.  Call us anytime!


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