RF Venue 4 Channel Wireless Microphone Upgrade Pack - Avoid dropouts with wireless mics

We get it. There's nothing worse (at least in the technical realm) than a wireless microphone that drops out or that noisily fades in and out.

When using multiple wireless microphone receivers, antennas clustered right next to each other interfere with one another causing unpredictable reception and dropouts. It's just physics.

By adding antenna distribution, you minimize the number of antennas, which assures better wireless performance and increases protection against dropout and generally improves reception.

Do you want to strengthen overall wireless reliability for any current or new mic system and avoid dropouts? You absolutely can with the with RF Venue Distro4, Distro9 HDR and the Diversity Fin antennas.

We've helped lots of people just like you make their existing systems more dependable without purchase of new wireless microphone systems. Make sure that what you already own works as well as it can!

If you have a question about using RF Venue antenna distribution in your wireless system, give us a call at 800-747-7301.


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