Streaming to Facebook Live using the Roland VR-4HD

How do I stream to Facebook Live?  That's a question that we get asked all of the time.

This article teaches you about the four basic components, how to setup your encoding software and the optimum settings in Facebook in order to stream your live event to Facebook. The Roland VR-4HD AV Switcher allows you to connect computers, cameras, video sources, microphones, key-in titles, and add special effects to engage your audience and simplify your workflow for streaming to Facebook Live. Read this article and you will soon become an expert on streaming using the Roland VR-4HD.

We sell a lot of the VR-4HD mixers at $2575 and find that they are a great upgrade to video mixers sold just a few years ago for a lot more money.  The VR-4HD is an HD-compatible all-in-one audio/video mixer with USB 3.0 connectivity.  Click here for more information.

Give us a call, if you have questions and if you'd like to order one today.


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