For the second time in the past couple weeks, a client has called asking what to do about purple spots or a purple splotch on the projected image.  Those purple (sometimes red-purple) spots are typically due to dirt or dust coming to rest on the green LCD panel of your projector.  We've had success in fixing this without having to resort to a factory service call by removing the air filters, cleaning them up and then using a portable vacuum cleaner (Shopvac-type) to draw air back out through the intakes.  Often, the dust that's causing the bigger splotches will pull right out, and usually the smaller pieces, too.

Will this work 100% of the time?  It's hard to know, but so far, so good.  And, if there's a purple smear that covers the middle of your projected image, you're going to have to send it in for service anyway.  What do you have to lose?


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