You've undoubtedly asked yourself, "So what exactly does that mean? Free System Design Review.  The words were blocked in red in the advertisement, so I just clicked it.  And now what?"

What that means is that we're here to help.

If you're in the market for a new audio, video, lighting and/or projection system or upgrade (or are having problems with what you have), let us know.

Do you have a proposal in-hand and aren't quite sure what to think of it?  We'll look it over and tell you what we think.

Do you have questions about wireless microphones, HD video distribution for production and presentation, or on how to improve audio coverage on your auditorium?  These are things that we work with every day, and we'd be glad to provide some ideas.

Do you have questions about video streaming, laser projectors, multi-site systems, or wonder about next steps as your church grows?  We've worked with one of our church clients from its start with 20 people to about 5000 weekend attendance today, and we can help with system design and equipment standardization.

Sometimes, you just need one more set of eyes (or ears) to solve a problem or to get confirmation of what you're already thinking.

We're celebrating our 25th year in 2017, so we've seen a lot, and we've learned a lot.  If you think that our experience might be helpful to you, call us at (800) 747-7301.  Or you can send us some photos, a video, an audio recording, take us on a FaceTime tour, or email us at

Technology for Worship: It's what we do.


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