Do you have a Sanyo PLC-XM100, PLC/XM150, PLC-WM4500 , PLC-WM5500, Eiki LC-XL100, LC-XL200, LC-WXL100, LC-WXL200 projector still in use?

A couple items to note. New Eiki/Sanyo brand projector lamps have been discontinued, so there is very limited supply worldwide and then just compatible lamps.

We have what might be the last of the lamps maybe anywhere for the XM150, WM5500, XL200, WXL200 (and other models listed at that link). You can still buy compatible non-branded lamps, but they're not as consistent in terms of performance and do not last as long.

We're looking for options, but filter cartridges also appear to be a problem in terms of being available to order. In some cases, you can rewind and reset the filter cartridge. And if you can't get a new cartridge, this may be your only choice. Here's how to do it.

Eiki/Sanyo Filter Reset
• Remove filter
• Rewind using a 5mm Allen wrench

Reset Filter Scroll Counter
• Projector Menu
Scroll down to Settings. Click Enter. (Language will be your top selection)
To access the super secret menu, SCROLL UP 3 clicks. You will see Filter Counter.
Select Filter Counter Reset. That will reset it to 0 hours.
Then, select Scroll Counter Reset. That will reset it to 9 scrolls, and your projector will no longer turn off after 3 minutes.


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