Voice intelligibility is one of the biggest problems faced in most houses of worship. Often built with primarily hard and reflective surfaces, sound becomes difficult to manage in these spaces. With the addition of contemporary instruments and sound systems into rooms (some of which were designed before sound systems came into use), the clarity of the message can suffer.  With many contemporary churches meeting in warehouse-type spaces, proper system design and acoustical treatments become a requirement.

Free consultation!
Our team provides free acoustics consultations! Simply provide us with the room dimensions and photographs and we can quickly determine the correct amount of acoustic treatment that needs to be installed.

Require More?
For a $250 deposit, we can provide rendered images in full color to not only determine proper layout and positioning, but to also provide you with images showing how your space can look when complete. This deposit will be automatically credited back to the order at time of purchase and/or installation.

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Let us help to create a warm, comfortable, and visually appealing space where the message can be heard!

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Forward room dimensions and photographs to info@geartechs.com. Feel free to contact us directly at 800-747-7301, if you have any other questions.


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