Heil PR 22 UT Dynamic Handheld Vocal Microphone

Quietly about a year ago, Heil Sound did something remarkable.  Not so much in a technical way, but in a practical way. 

The microphone business is tough.  Certain models have dominated the music scene for years, and it's darn hard for people to change their habits.  At the time, the Heil PR 22 microphone was selling for $165, and was quickly increased to $179. 

When the world's most popular microphones sell for $99.95 (and there are 3-4 good ones right at that price point), I had to admit that I was disappointed.  $99.95 is a magic price point.  Pastors and tech directors don't need approval to spend $99.95, $99.95 seems like the "right" price for a mic, and the list goes on.  $99.95 just works in the same way that gasoline at $3.999 is somehow cheaper than gas at $4.00. 

So what did Heil Sound do?  The people there decided to package the PR 22 without the fancy carrying case and without the extra black and extra gold windscreens and called it the PR 22 UT.

UT stands for utility.  It has a nickel colored windscreen and comes in a simple vinyl bag with a mic clip.  The price?


Yes, I know that I made a big deal about $99.95.  It's perfect price for a good microphone.  But the PR 22 is a great microphone and it costs just $20 more. 

I like the PR 22 at $179, but I believe that the PR 22 UT is the best value in professional microphones - period.  It has tremendous warmth, great uniformity, and nice presence through the vocal range.  Overall, it sounds better than most mics that cost twice as much.

If your vocal sound needs something that you can't put your finger on, try a PR 22 UT and let us know what you think.  Most people buy more, after trying the first one. 

And if for some reason, you don't agree, let us know, and we'll refund your purchase price.  No questions asked.


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