Sure it looks great—but the compact design allows the EVOLVE 30 to blend into the background. With 120 degree horizontal coverage, you can do more with less. The audience can now see the performer.  No visual distractions.

Typical of EV, the room-filling sound is impeccable! This is accomplished with a 10" Subwoofer and 6- 2.8" N/Dym HF drivers all powered by a 1000w Dynacord Amplifier.

Made from 18-gauge black powder-coated steel grills, 15mm wood subwoofer enclosure and aluminum poles, you can feel the quality—all weighing under 50 pounds!

So light and 'single-trip' portable, and with a built-in eight-channel mixer, onboard effects and control via QuickSmart Mobile App, it reduces the amount of gear you have to bring. You won't even work up a sweat during set-up!

With rich sound that is never harsh, crisp vocals and excellent instrument separation, paired with sleek looks, everyone will know you have great taste!

And at $1299, it's a relative bargain.  We have used Electro-voice Evolve speakers for outdoor worship services, special events, in school auditoriums, and as primary sound systems in smaller spaces.  The Evolve 30 is a tool that you'll never be sorry you have.  Available in both black and white.


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