"What does Audio Technica need to do for you to buy more of our wireless systems?"

That's the question that the Audio-Technica sales reps have been asking us for the past 2-3 years.

As long as we've been in business, we've made no secret that Audio-Technica products offer tremendous value, but over the past few years, parts of its wireless microphone product line wasn't updated as quickly as we would have liked.  Our primary request has been for A-T to update the 3000 series systems with something more comparable to other manufacturers in terms of features.  Just this summer, the 3000 series received a significant update that might cause you to forget about the more expensive 4000 series (now discontinued) and other similarly priced systems from other manufacturers.

In light of the FCC-mandated reduction to the radio spectrum in which wireless microphone systems are allowed to operate, the addition of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and a general increase to wireless connected-ness, the ability of wireless microphone systems to operate using less of the available radio waves, and to allow more systems to operate simultaneously has become critical, especially in larger installations.  The 4th Generation 3000 Series is the lowest-price system that we know of that allows up to 40 systems to work together.

In the past few months, we have worked with several churches with 40-70 wireless microphone systems throughout their facilities.  Systems like the 4th Generation 3000 series and the Shure QLXD and ULXD give us the tools we need to make these high-density installations a reality.  The high point for us is that the 4th Generation 3000 Series starts at $549, about 40% less than Shure QLXD. The Shure QLXD systems are digital and have other features, but with the new 3000 Series, we can make those high-density installations a reality for more people due to the lower price point, and without a sacrifice of quality.

Over the past several years, people have come to expect a general decline in prices for technology-related equipment.  With those price reductions, corners have been cut, and we're tired of equipment that feels cheap.  Thankfully, the 4th Generation 3000 Series components are made of metal, actual metal, so they are durable.  What a refreshing change!

The 3000 series systems also operate with wide 60 MHz tuning bandwidth for class-leading versatility.  They feature a programmable multi-function button that can act as a mute button or a quick switch to change both transmitter and receiver to a pre-programmed backup frequency in case of interference.  Squelch is automatically adjusted for maximum operating range, the systems feature frequency scan for best available frequency and IR syncing to take the guesswork and time out of set-up.  And the handheld transmitter offers an industry-standard threaded mount for use with Audio-Technica, Shure, Heil, and other capsules.

It took "too long" for these new 3000 series systems to be released, but we feel that they're worth waiting for.  And we have them in stock.

The new 4th Generation 3000 Series from Audio Technica is a product group that we offer with 100% confidence.  You won't find anything better at this price point.  Systems start at $549 plus microphone.  Click here for the complete line.


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