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A couple years ago, we began a quest to do something a little different with what would become the new Geartechs.com.  The trouble is that there aren't any out-of-the-box website solutions that do exactly what we wanted to do.  Our goal was to bring technology and information together in a way that allows you to discover new products and to have some assurance that what you find at Geartechs.com is the right solution for you.

Money spent on a product that doesn't work is not a solution; it's wasted. Wasted money and good stewardship do not go hand in hand.  A few years ago, we discussed the possibility of teaching a seminary class in the use of technology for worship.  That class didn't materialize, but it sure would help, wouldn't it?!

The reality is that even though you might think that more experience in equipment use and selection would come in handy sometimes, there's a good reason that you've never taken that class.  Most days, there are more important things for you to do than to spend time figuring out what to buy.

There are two parts to the stewardship equation; yours and ours. What's your part? Making sure that you buy the right product. That's it. What's ours? Helping you find the right product.  It's really just that simple. 

If you call us or look around the new site, you'll find that everything we do is related to technology for worship.  Sure, the products we offer can be used in a variety of applications - schools, businesses, bands, clubs, and more, and we have many clients in those areas.

The new Geartechs.com is committed to making sure that you find solutions that make your worship experience more effective.

Whether you need a microphone, a video projector, or even a system overhaul, we will help you choose products that are right for you - period.


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