Heil PR 30 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone, mixing a choir

You got it.

Let me be frank. The Heil PR30 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone may be the very best microphone you will ever use for your choir - at least that's what our clients tell us.

This story begins a little over six years ago when one of our clients called with a question. He asked whether I thought that a dynamic microphone would work as an effective choir microphone.  My first reaction was a definitive "maybe" but that a dynamic microphone probably wouldn't be sensitive enough.

Boy, was I wrong.

There are a handful of problems when it comes to getting a great choir sound - even for the pros.  It's hard enough to get good sound without feedback, but most times you also battle getting separation from nearby instruments, enough warmth and fullness, not to mention just getting enough volume and presence so that the choir can be heard above the backing instrumentation.

The picture you see is the Heil PR30 in action.

After the first time our initial client tried the PR30 he wrote the following:  " I hooked up the PR30 and couldn't believe it.  No feedback, no EQ needed, and nothing but the choir. Our choir has never sounded better, or louder - and I've tried everything." Truly, he has.  We've done lots of experimentation with him.

A typical condenser microphone is too sensitive.  They pick up too much sound, and not just too much choir - too much piano, too much orchestra, too much organ, too much guitar, along with the choir.

In the Heil PR30, we think we're onto something.  The microphone just works and we promise good results without you having to resort to lots of professional "tricks" to get a great sound, but don't take our word for it.  Here's what another satisfied Heil user writes, "Those Heil mics are 'da bomb!'  Unbelievable difference. Thanks so much for pointing us to them."  We have lots more testimonials just like that.

Since August of 2007 when we sold the first PR30, we've been offering an unconditional money back guarantee on the PR30 when used for choir.  Often, someone will want to try one, so we send one.  More than 9 times out of 10, we send more to finish the job. It's been that easy.

When something seems too easy, there has to be a catch, right?!  Nope, no catch.  You give us one rehearsal and one weekend service and you'll be hooked.  If you're not, send it back.  No hard feelings.  No cost to you.

It's a true pleasure to have a product that works well, that you're proud to sell, and that's made right here in the USA.  When was the last time you bought something bearing the Made in the USA label?

Click here for more information on the Heil PR30 and to order one (or two) today.  Most choirs will need two, and a couple stands for mounting and maybe some new microphone cables.  And if you have questions, be sure to call to ask them.  We enjoy talking to you.  You'll find our toll-free number plastered all over our website.  If you want to order over the phone, call us.  If you want to ask a question, call us.  If you want to buy online, you can do that, too.

The guarantee is the same.  Try the Heil PR30 for choir.  If you're not thrilled, send it back.  We're betting that you won't let it out of your sight.

The Heil PR30 is $269.  Click here to order yours today.  We offer free shipping on the Heil PR30 to all locations in the Continental United States.

One more testimony: "The new microphone (PR30) worked great! The guy running our sound board yesterday said he didn't know the choir sounded that good! We will want to order at least one more."  Danny Dolan, AL  (he actually ordered three more!)


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