"How will it work for me?" Isn't that the question we really ask when we're buying something, especially something we buy without trying it first.

We've all been disappointed by unmet expectations and products that turn out to be too-good-to-be-true. Well, the DPA d:fine won't be one of them. Unfortunately, it's not for everyone.

Those of you who know us know that there are certain products that we believe in 100%. Many of them are featured on our site. What you may not know is that we have demo stock of certain products so that you can try them with your system.

We've sold thousands of earsets over the years, and the earset itself has revolutionized the quality of the spoken word. The DPA d:fine (pronounced just like the word define), along with its cousins, the 4088 and 4066, are re-defining the standard for performance and quality among earset microphones.

We're excited to announce a new partnership with DPA Microphones. We are among the very first dealers in the country to join with DPA in order to get microphones into your hand to use with your system. DPA makes some of the very best microphones on earth and we find that users quickly become fanatics about using them.

If you're interested, we have a few of the new DPA d:fine earsets in both cardioid and omnidirectional, and the 4088 and 4066 dual ear earsets available for you to try. These will set you back several hundred dollars, but their sound is simply unmatched. And if you're going to spend that much, you might want to hear one first.

Our reality is that these rarely get returned. They're simply that good. DPA earsets are the first choice of major television broadcasters and the most quality-driven churches in the world. If you're tired of fighting earsets that fall off or won't stay in place, get misshapen, have cables that break, or that simply don't sound so good, give us a call at 800-747-7301.

Since there's a considerable expense to us to provide these microphones for demonstration, we ask a couple things. We ask that you're serious about buying the microphone, if it works for you, and we ask you to pre-qualify yourself financially to see if it fits into your budget.

Call us if you have questions.


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