Best Top-Tier Earphone Winner -  Westone Audio Mach 80

The folks at recently awarded the Westone Audio Mach 80 as BEST TOP TIER EARPHONE of 2023! Read the full review here.

Westone Audio Mach Series  9.5/10

• 8 Models to suit all price brackets and sound styles
• Beautiful high quality design and build
• Solid range of tuning and high grade audiophile level signatures

• T2 Cable people may take time to get used to
• No wireless connections supplied in the series

"...We hold Westone Audio in high regards as they have proven themselves time and time again, consistently producing refinements and shaping the way we see the in-ear audiophile industry today."

"How does this range sound? In a word – Wonderous!! You will not be disappointed and will not look back."

See the full range of Westone Audio Mach Series in-ear monitors here.

MACH 60, MACH 70, and MACH 80 on sale now until Feb. 29, 2024! 

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