Audio-Technica 50 year anniversary limited addition microphone

Audio-Technica celebrates its 50th anniversary with an array of limited edition introductions offering stunningly clear, high-resolution sound quality and elegant design.

2012 is an exciting landmark for Audio-Technica. In 1962, our founder, Hideo Matsushita, opened the doors of our company in a one-story workshop handcrafting stereo phonograph cartridges. 50 years later we have grown into a worldwide audio innovator. We have branched out from our roots in Japan to a presence throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas - offering with each new product and new location more of the acclaimed fidelity and durability that have become synonymous with our name.

We hope our 50-year (and continuing) quest for perfectly articulate audio inspires people all over the world to create and enjoy wonderful works of communication and art.


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