On this snowy winter Friday (a rarity in Columbus, Ohio), I'm still working on our last day of business before Christmas, and I am enjoying the quiet.  The phone isn't ringing, and all I can hear is wind, the whir of the hard drive in my iMac, and the furnace blower.  So far, I've posted a couple articles to the website and am reflecting on another year. 

2012 was our 21st year in business.  When I started by myself back at the end of 1991, I had no idea what was ahead.  My dad encouraged me to "do something you love, so that it doesn't seem like work."  The idealist in me latched onto that encouragement and that conversation with him keeps me going, even on the days that I don't love it.

Today, I've received lots of additional encouragement that keeps me loving the business.  Thank you to those of you who took a minute to send your words.  I cherish those emails. 

It's really nice to hear things like "You make what we do possible Dave. Thank you for YEARS of professionalism, expertise and support!!!  You are the best!" and "Thanks for all your help and service throughout the years" and "Thank you, for giving freely of your time and experience. We appreciate you." 

I received about 10 similar messages today, and they made my day.  These affirming words will send me into this Christmas celebration feeling even better about the mark we've been able to leave, and the work we hope to continue.  

If you get a chance today, send some words of encouragement to those you value.   Let them know what they mean to you.  It will make their day.

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