Since March of 2020, the pro audio, video and lighting industries have struggled mightily with availability of components and finished goods.  Mightily.  No fun, at all.  But things are changing. 

In just the past couple weeks, both Shure and Audio-Technica have been able to ship products that we've been waiting for months to get, and we breathed a collective sigh of relief.  Panasonic and Eiki have smoothed out projector availability, too.  Stories from most other vendors are the same. 

Just a very few have had the products we need all the way along.  And we will not forget those companies.  Hall Technologies and Thor AV are the first two that come to mind in that regard. 

Every dealer and integrator in the country has struggled to finish projects, to keep things on schedule and in stock, and to maintain quick delivery that our world has come to expect.  Thankfully, people have been gracious (or maybe just worn down) and patient with messages about availability issues.  But we're not having talk about out of stock as much as we have, thankfully.

There are still issues, but the industry overall is in a much better place than it has been for at least a couple years.  We see some hesitancy on the part of our institutional clients (churches and schools) to spend money and to start projects, but the "green shoots" are pushing up through the ground like it's spring, so we're thankful for what the future appears to hold. 

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