Blizzard Lighting DMX cable labels have a sense of humor
Sometimes, we take ourselves too seriously, and it's refreshing to laugh a little.  

Today, a client sent me this note, along with these pictures from Blizzard Lighting which will you give you some insight into who Blizzard is as a company.  Here's what he wrote:

"Dave, the Blizzard DMX cables arrived.  They are nice, black, flexible cables with black metal connectors. All three pins are wired correctly. (I’ve seen some cheap cables that use unbalanced cable with jumper wires.) I tested them with our lights, and they work great.

"They are inexpensive, look nice, and do the job.  They’re exactly what I needed at a great price."

Other comments:

· The Blizzard folks have a sense of humor. The front of the package says “Made with real natural DMX ingredients.”

· According to the back of the package, a portion of the profits goes to cancer research.

· Lifetime warranty.

Make sure to check out all of the Blizzard products we offer.  We have just a handful of their lighting fixtures up on the site, but we have several more fixtures (and now cables) to add, so that you can get a kick out of a company that made my day just a little more fun and meaningful than it had been already.

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