When we "met" on the phone, I think that Mike Sessler and I hit it off because we both like to Think Different.  See his recent blog post about that topic here.

Part of being successful is exactly that - a willingness to consider new ideas and new products - to think differently, if you will.

For us, discovering and starting conversations about tech gear is something that we enjoy.  Who had ever used the Heil PR30 as a choir microphone before an idea from one of our clients sparked our test?  Not even Bob Heil himself.  That test was sparked by a conversation with one of our clients, and a willingness on both parts to try something new.

And today, the PR30 is considered a top choice among the technology for worship community, and we've sold only a fraction of all that have ever been sold.  When I first asked Bob about how he thought it would work, he said something like, "You know Dave, I've never considered the PR30 as a choir microphone, but there's no reason it shouldn't work." 

Being open to new ideas is a mindset is a necessity.  If we can't help you find better ways to do things, we're just like every other dealer - selling the same products as the rest of them at a price, instead of helping you discover new solutions.

That willingness to be creative, and to think in new ways, is one of our primary goals.  We can't be successful unless you are.

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